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[INFO] Maintenance 26/04/2018

Have been updated with this maintenance: - Kafra Operations- Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town- New Event: Monsters Spawn +

2018-04-26 | Read more

[EVENT] Monsters Spawn Increased

Have you ever been so fast killing monsters that you wonder if they have become extinct? This week, the monster will not let you have a break. They have called reinforcements to get their revenge! The monsters number and spawn rate have been ...

2018-04-20 | Read more

[MAJ] Hero's Trail Part 2 & 3

The exploration of the Dimensional Crack continues! Humans, Laphine and Saphas were able to connect more portals to the past. After discovering the past of Sarah and the chaos brought by Himelmez in Glast Heim, follow the adventures of the other ...

2017-10-19 | Read more

[MAJ] Episode 14.3

The time has come! The great alliance between the Humans, the Laphines and the Sapha managed to drive Satan Morroc into a corner. He is hidden in the Flame Basin and try to recover his full power for a counter-attack. Not everyone is allowed to ...

2017-04-13 | Read more

[INFO] Maintenance 19/04/2018

Have been updated with this maintenance: - Kafra Operations - Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town - End of the Event: Double XP - An modification has been made on "Temple of Demon God" third boss. You can check if you are able to kill him now. - ...

2018-04-20 | Read more

[INFO] Maintenance 12/04/2018

Have been updated with this maintenance: - Kafra Operations - Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town - The "Doube XP" Event continues - End of the Event: Egg Festival - Fix of an issue in EN/SP with HE upgrade (the npc didn't check if your ...

2018-04-12 | Read more

[INFO] [05/04/2018] New Costume Box : Costama Monsters III

From April 5th 2018 our ishop offer is including this box: Costama Monsters IIIGrab them as long you have the opportunity to do so! You can get these awesome gears from these boxes randomly: C King Tiger Doll Hat (Upper) C ...

2018-04-09 | Read more

[INFO] Maintenance 05/04/2018

Have been updated with this maintenance: - Kafra Operations - Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town - The "Egg Festival" Event continues - New Event: Double XP - New iShop item : Costama Monster III - Fix of a text error in the Setup ...

2018-04-05 | Read more

[EVENT] [Extended] Double XP

You find it hard to reach the highest level? So this week, we will really help you in your character progression, the Ragnarök Online Team is proud to offer you one week of Double XP. During this Event you will earn twice as much XP than normally ...

2018-04-05 | Read more

[EVENT] [29/03/2018] Egg Festival

A long time ago, the Magic University of Yuno used magic to produce Happy Eggs massively. However, during their experimentations, they did a lot of harm to the pets. The Yuno students couldn't stand it any longer and decided to rescue the pets. In ...

2018-03-29 | Read more


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