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[MAJ] Hero's Trail Part 2 & 3


The exploration of the Dimensional Crack continues!

Humans, Laphine and Saphas were able to connect more portals to the past.

After discovering the past of Sarah and the chaos brought by Himelmez in Glast Heim, follow the adventures of the other Ragnarök protagonists.
Five new Memorial Dungeons are now available:

Ghost Palace:

Help the lurid Royal Guard to protect the castle that has been invaded by monsters and discover how he has been dragged into darkness to become the cursed Knight Sakray.

Rewards: Collect Gray Shards and exchange them for Thanatos Weapons or Gray equipment by talking to the King

Geffen magic Tournament:

Travel to the past and participate in the renowned Geffen magic tournament that was held a long time ago.
Meet Chaos, Iris and their friends and face the powerful warlock Fenris, reincarnation of the Wolf God Fenrir, in a tournament full of strong opponents.

Rewards: Collect Geffen Magic Contest Coin and exchange them for magic equipments

The tower of Masin:

The Historian Shepit and the Magic Scholar Artie have been able to stabilize a portal to the tower known today as Thanatos Tower. They need an adventurer to gather informations about the demons that appeared in the tower in the past.
Follow the adventurers and discover how they have been able to repel Satan Morroc during his first appearance.

Rewards: Defeat the boss to win experience and Evil Slayer weapons.

Airship Assault:

While traveling with the Airship, Chaos, Iris and their friends have been attacked by the Sorceress Arcana. Help them to protect the airship from the monsters! But is it really the monsters they have to worry about most...?

Rewards: Airship equipments can be obtained randomly on monsters and Ferlock's equipments on the boss.

Sarah and Fenrir:

In order to recreate powerful weapons of the past, Professor Bernhard needs Pieces of Gigantes. But these monsters, who  populated Glast Heim in the old days, disappeared a long time ago. Travel to the past of Glast Heim to find and defeat these monsters!
However, he sends you back to the day when Warlock Fenris clashed with the Valkyrie Sarah Irene in an epic fight!
Will you help Fenris to defeat Sarah ? Or just focus on the mission the Professor gave you?

Rewards: Sarah's battle Robe can be looted on a special Gigantes or on the boss. Piece of Gigantes can be traded for Sarah Earring and to enchant them.


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