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Find your Eye of the Tiger !

Find your Eye of the Tiger and become the best of the best!

But how can you be sure you’re the best? Of course by checking out our new "Ranking"-link.

Here are the rankings you can find there:

"Best PvP Players": to be part of it, you have to improve your PvP Score.

"Best Qpets Masters": you are a Qpet protector and the Ragnarök Online Team wants to thank you for taking care of those cute little beings. To be part of it, you have to take care of your Qpet by naming it, having a good relationship with it, feeding it enough, keeping it for a long time and giving it his accessory if it merits it.

"Best Mercenary Recruiters": to get into this ranking, be one of the players who hired the most mercenaries and who takes the contracts to the end without breaking it.

"In-game Ranking": be the best blacksmith, potions maker or Taekwon (by achieving the most missions) and you will see your name appear in this ranking. It's as simple as that.

"Best Players": to have a spot in this ranking, you have to... wait, no. It's a secret and only the Ragnarök Online Team knows how to qualify for this. Just so you know; you have to prevail in almost everything whether in-game, during events or even outside Rune-Midgard. The Team is watching your every move.

So, what are you waiting for? Prevail in one of these disciplines and get your character to the top!


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