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14.1 Bifrost Update

Years have passed since demon Satan Morroc and his servants resurrected partially and hid themselves in the other world through a dimensional rift until they get complete. Countries from the Midgard continent combined forces to explore the unknown world and encountered new races, Laphine and Saphas.

Adventurers cemented friendly relationships with new races while trying to figure out why they were hostile towards each other. It turned out a curse affecting the World-Tree Yggdrasil was the cause of it. But before you get the chance to bring the report regarding your discovery, the document got stolen by a mysterious being…

In the meantime, Midgard adventurers became close with Saphas as days passed and were granted access to El Dicastes, their capital city. However, a combination of rumors and strange events surrounding a recently-appointed minister quickly starts to tickle your curiosity : something is definitely going on there… Are the two events linked or completely unrelated ?


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