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 New Update: Kagerou / Oboro

Long ago in a forgotten past, two families fought each other in an unforgiven and endless battle. But something unexpected happened who led to the creation of a new family, who kept the realm safe. C...

04/24/2015 Read more

 Monster Cards Collection

The Ragnarök Online Team is proud to announce its "Monster Cards Collection" Game's release. Everytime you'll buy Karats, your Monsters Cards account will be credited by a certain amont of tri...

03/12/2015 Read more

 Episode: 14.2 - Eclage

A new king is now the ruler of all Laphines, but some people still don't trust him for some reason. He seems to be linked somehow to Yggdrasil, so pay him a visit in the new city of Eclage to learn ...

01/15/2015 Read more

 Premium Subscription: More choices More benefits!

Adventurers, The Ragnarök Online Premium Service is evolving, and it’s for your benefit! Find now all our new subscription options for 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months! More flexible since you...

08/18/2014 Read more

 Biolab and Hall of Abyss updates!

In Lighthalzen, rumors are claiming that several citizens and adventurers have disappeared. It seems like Wolchev lost control over his human guinea pigs. Go and search for clues in his laboratory!

07/18/2014 Read more

 Be part of the adventure and discover Malangdo!

Ambitious group of cats, calling themselves the 'Cat Paw Merchant Association', have set sail from their homeland in an attempt to make profit in a foreign land.It has been 26 days since their voyage ...

04/03/2014 Read more

 Convert your miles in Alliance Points!

Dear adventurers, You are waiting for a while to know what happened to your miles.. We were working hard on it since we integrated the iShop ingame. This is now done!

01/16/2014 Read more

 Be part of a new adventure and discover Port Malaya!

  This letter has been spread around the towns of Rune Midgard, which details the strange discovery of a fishing vessel's crew. They had become lost and had stumbled upon a previously unknown ci...

01/09/2014 Read more

 Ragnarök Online Coming Soon on Steam!

Adventurers,We are aware about your feedbacks and understood that you wanted us to work on players acquisition.And, this is now done!

10/24/2013 Read more

  Get the chance to XP x2 with the Small Poring Band!

The Small Poring Band is getting a facelift, and allows you from now, in addition to the basis +3% XP, to get XP up to x2 if you wear it.

06/27/2013 Read more

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