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A tribute to the king

For hundreds of years, the citizens of Midgard used to celebrate the royal family: during this time of the year, began the reign of the very first King of Midgard and his first action was to provide cake for the starving kingdom. Since this event, it had become a tradition to bake a cake and share it in honour of the current King.

Unfortunately, time goes by and the tradition has been forgotten, putting an end to the celebrations in honour of the King’s family. However, there were some people in the kingdom who wanted to bring the beloved tradition back. Indeed, after a strong winter, there is no such thing as a celebration to warm people’s hearts.

Saturnin, a chef, is one of those who want to revive the tradition and bake a giant cake for the population of Midgard. Find his house in Payon and see if you can help him!


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