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A new attraction in town

A few months after the discovery of those minerals called Soul Stones, this is a new lucrative business that has appeared on the market and there are already several underground traffics going on. However, the Kafra Corporation has decided to put an end to this black market thing and take a controlling interest in the product.

In order to refill its stocks and make sure it controls the entire distribution network, the company has brought a new machine in town which exchanges people’s spare Soul Stones for exclusive new headgears. The machine, named Goldoring, is located in Prontera.

The system is pretty simple : you may trade a certain amount of Soul Stones for an increasing chance of getting a cool, rare headgear. The more stones you put in the machine, the higher the chances. The Kafra Corp has refused to elaborate on the amount needed to get max chances but a few tries should be enough to find out this information.

Here are the items that can be won from the machine :

  • 1 Starfish Hairband
  • 1 Drooping pope
  • 1 Naval officer hat
  • 1 Heart wing hairband
  • 2 Enriched elunium
  • 2 Enriched oridecon
  • 2 Amber pearl
  • 1 Bubble Gum Light
  • 1 Battle Manual
  • 1 Lucky Light Box


Starfish Hairband

A hair band looks like starfish, the resident of sea.
When equiped, You feel mithycal as like you have sympathy with ocean.

Class : Headgear

Defense :2
Location : Upper
Weight : 20
Jobs : All except Novice

Drooping Pope

his headgear is a hat of Alunaphelz pope!

MDEF + 1, Increase recovering SP speed 2%.

With Blush, increase recovering SP speed 3%
No refine

Class : Headgear

Defense : 0
Location: Upper
weight : 30
Req Level : 1
Jobs : All


Naval Officer Hat

A hat only for officers who passed hard training from NAVY.

White, Blue and Yellow color is the symbol of Poseidon's providence.

Luk + 3

Give 10% more damage to Water property monsters.

Class : Headgear

Defense : 2
Location : Upper
Weight : 20
Location : All except Novice


Heart Wing Hairband

A girlish hairband decorated with little heart wings and laces.

Decrease 5% of delay after skill, and 10% of SP consumption by skill. And both effect will be increase 3% by each refine 3Lv.

Class : Headgear

Defense :0
Location : Upper
Weight : 30
Required Lv : 50
Jobs : All


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