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 Cats Are Back!

Cats are back, and they are hungry!Someone did throw some fish eggs in the Prontera fountain during winter, and now that spring has come, they have grown up, leading cats leaving overseas to...

03/27/2014 Read more

 Carnival Time!

Adventurers,As you probably already know, it's carnival time!So how about putting on your best costume for a few days in order to be the prettiest player in Prontera?

02/27/2014 Read more

 The jealousy of Orc Lady

Here it comes: the hugs, poetry and love season that any woman enjoys! After all, don’t be so sure! There are rumors about a woman who hates Valentine's Day and she wants to show it to every...

02/13/2014 Read more

 Live Stream RWC 2013!

Adventurers !As you may know the RWC 2013 is taking place from November 23rd to November 24th in Tokyo!For those of you who would like to follow the fight in live, here is the Live Stream link :http:/...

11/20/2013 Read more

 This week, enjoy Triple XP!

You find it hard to reach the highest level? So in the next week we will really help you in your character progression: from Thursday October 24th to Thursday October 31th 2013, the Ragnarö...

10/24/2013 Read more


O'zapft is! The Oktoberfest will start in Hugel... won't it? Delicious beer, Bretzels and fetching clothes... from today, October 10th, every adventurer is invited to visit the Oktoberfest in Hugel.

10/10/2013 Read more

 Blow up your Bubble Gum

From August 29th to September 5th, the effects of the Bubble Gum Light, Sweet and Low will be doubled!

08/29/2013 Read more

 Summer Lottery!

Until July 24th, try your luck at the "Summer Festival" and you may win one of those incredible prizes: cards, medals, headgears, Mora coins, random boxes and even an Infinity account and a full ...

07/11/2013 Read more

 رمضان مبارك (Ramadan Moubarak!)

From July 11th to August 7th, you have to be generous! For the occasion of Ramadan’s month, you shall donate in order to collect some rewards. The more you’ll give, the more you&rsquo...

07/11/2013 Read more

 Parent's Quest

From Thursday June 13th 2013 to Thursday July 11th, your brain will have to face new challenges! Kelyna wrote a book for the Mother’s and Father’s Day, but unfortunately she lost all t...

06/13/2013 Read more

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