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 Sales - Week 1

Adventurers, From January 8th to 15th, enjoy our “Special Sales Week”   Don't miss this opportunity!

01/09/2015 Read more

 O'zapft is! The Oktoberfest will start in Hugel... won't it?

Delicious beer, Bretzels and fetching clothes... from today, September 18th, every adventurer is invited to visit the Oktoberfest in Hugel.

09/18/2014 Read more

 The Ragnarök European Championship!

You were waiting for it? The Gravity Europe Team made your dream come true! We are proud to announce you that the Ragnarök Online Team launches its very own PVP tournament, where 16 teams of...

07/11/2014 Read more

 Will you be up to the Bossnia challenge?

Do you think you know Rune Midgard like the back of your hand? That there is no more mysteries to unveil ? That it doesn’t have any more challenges to offer ? Well, you might be wrong.

07/10/2014 Read more

 No Death Penalty

Until July 10th, a protective veil will help adventurers and cancel the experience penalty resulting of an unfortunate death. Don’t you think it is time to take some risks?

07/03/2014 Read more

 Dress Up For The World Cup!

Dear Adventurers, To celebrate the Football World Cup while playing your favorite game, let your character play too by getting him the brand new World Cup headgears! Go find the « Worldcup ...

07/03/2014 Read more

 Ramadan Moubarak!

Celebrate Ramadan with Ragnarök! From Thursday, June 26 and for a one month duration, the team Ragnarök Online makes you rediscover the world of the Arabian Nights! Embark on an adventure...

06/26/2014 Read more

 Summer Festival!

Until July 3rd, try your luck at the "Summer Festival" and you may win one of those incredible prizes: cards, medals, headgears, Mora coins, random boxes and even an Infinity account and a full Poring...

06/19/2014 Read more

 Bem-vindo ao Brasil - By Ragnarok!

The game gets the colors of Brazil during the World Cup! To celebrate this huge event our GM/CH Team will perform the following events:   - Bet Event that will be performed throug...

06/12/2014 Read more

 Cats Are Back!

Cats are back, and they are hungry!Someone did throw some fish eggs in the Prontera fountain during winter, and now that spring has come, they have grown up, leading cats leaving overseas to...

03/27/2014 Read more

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