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[EVENT] Summer Festival


Until August 3rd, try your luck at the "Summer Festival" and you may win one of those incredible prizes: Marvelous Medal, Bloody Branch, KVM Points, costume ...


[INFO] New Costume Box : Costama Holy Darkness II


From July 20th 2017 our ishop offer is including this box: Costama Holy Darkness II Grab them as long you have the opportunity to do so! You can ...


[INFO] Summer Card Collection


The Ragnarök Online Team is proud to announce its "Monster Cards Collection" Game's release. The « Monster Card Album » game on www.ragnarokeurope.com will ...


[MAJ] Episode 14.3


The time has come! The great alliance between the Humans, the Laphines and the Sapha managed to drive Satan Morroc into a corner. He is hidden in the Flame ...

[INFO] Maintenance 20/07/2017

Have been updated with this maintenance: - Kafra Operations - Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town - End of the Event: Bossnia - End of the Event: Protovich Research - End of the Event: No Death Penalty - End of the Event: The Old and ...

2017-07-20 | Read more

[EVENT] Protovich Research

Protovich is back in town! But this week, he is not working on his Spirit Extractor. He still need your help to collect strange liquid that can be found when killing tree-like monsters. But he won't let anybody help him! Only players that will pass ...

2017-07-13 | Read more

[EVENT] Bossnia

Do you think you know Rune Midgard like the back of your hand? That there is no more mysteries to unveil ? That it doesn’t have any more challenges to offer ? Well, you might be wrong. For one week, you will be able to discover the charms and ...

2017-07-13 | Read more

[INFO] Maintenance 13/07/2017

Have been updated with this maintenance: - Kafra Operations - Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town - End of the Event: Triple Xp - End of the Event: Boost Drop - The No Death Penalty Event continues - New Event: Bossnia - New Event: ...

2017-07-13 | Read more

[EVENT] No Death Penalty

Until 20/07/17, a protective veil will help adventurers and cancel the experience penalty resulting of an unfortunate death. Don’t you think it is time to take some risks?

2017-07-06 | Read more

[EVENT] Boost Drop!

The monsters don't want to give you their card? This week is your chance! From today, the chances to get an item from all monsters and MVP in game are doubled! If you want a rare item in particular, it's now or never!

2017-06-29 | Read more

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